On 31/10/2015 Attila Bustya in Transylvania set a new world record of LiPo-based multicopter flight duration with 2 hours 6 minutes 7 seconds (25% over the previous record).

Gábor Vásárhelyi, CEO of CollMot Robotics participated at the event as an independent drone expert, witnessing the Guinness record. He wrote the following brief report.

"The drone of Attila Bustya is a well designed one. Its minimalist and well optimized style corresponds to its long-duration goal. It was a great honour to meet Attila and see their development process, because it reinforced my view that great achievements are not completed by miracles but by tenacious development and good intuitive decisions in every tiny detail. To build a good drone it is not enough to buy the most expensive parts. Optimal compromises are needed to find the harmony between all components. It was a pleasure to see the next Hungarian drone success that reaches international recognition."