CollMot Entertainment @ SHIFT 2016

CollMot is proud to be the drone-partner of Murmuration, an artistic piece by phase7, performed at the Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theater (SHIFT) in October 2016.

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Dancing with Drones @ Sziget Festival 2015

CollMot proudly presents Dancing with Drones at Sziget Festival 2015.

Read about us more on TheCreatorsProject.

Drones at the WSF Smart Hungary Exhibition

WSF Smart Hungary - Drones

"Representatives of world-leading scientific workshops, Nobel laureate researchers and decision-makers responsible for science policy and financing gathered together in Budapest as part of the World Science Forum in the first week of November to find answers to questions around the social responsibility of science."

The Smart Hungary Exhibition was part of the event, showcasing the most successful Hungarian innovators of today. The ELTE+CollMot team was also invited to present their drone flock innovations.

Further information at the NKFIH/NRDI homepage.

New multicopter flight duration world record in Transylvania

On 31/10/2015 Attila Bustya in Transylvania set a new world record of LiPo-based multicopter flight duration with 2 hours 6 minutes 7 seconds (25% over the previous record).

Gábor Vásárhelyi, CEO of CollMot Robotics participated at the event as an independent drone expert, witnessing the Guinness record. He wrote the following brief report.

Copter at Science Museum

Science Museum

On 28 October, Lates night at Science Museum, London.

CollMot's Artistic Director Nina Kov will present an installation based on her piece Copter, exploring themes of aerial surveillance, drones, and the impact of technology on the body.

Overhead Prague

Come and join the Overhead Festival, in Prague, Chech Republic, on the 16-17th of October.

The main motivation of the festival is drone filming, but sections will represent a wider selection of topics. CollMot Robotics will be represented by Nina Kov in the entertainment secion and Gábor Vásárhelyi in the scientific section.

Drones and Sustainability

Visit us at the 8th Sustainability Day (FN8) in Millenáris Park, Budapest, on the 26th of September. FN8 features:

  • CollMot Robotics pitch (whole day)
  • drone discussions during the sustainability round table (13:00-14:00)
  • "dancing with drones" (20:00)

Dancing with Drones at the Sziget Festival

Dancing with Drones will be part of Sziget Festival 2015.

Our drone show will be played every night on 12-16 August, from 22:30.

Others wrote about us...

Below is a list of recent articles following the publication of our DwD video and the Hungarian Innovation Tech Show (HITS2015).

DWD on the Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS2015)

Dancing with Drones has been selected to be presented at the 2015 Hungarian Innovation TechShow.

Place: Akvárium Klub, 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 2.

Date: May 26, 2015, 12:00-19:00

Dancing with Drones video available

Our first project page, Dancing with Drones is up and running.