Our Fleet

Fully autonomous operation

Our drone fleet can operate in fully autonomous mode without any central control mechanism: each drone makes decisions on its own to coordinate its behaviour with the rest of the swarm, just like birds in a flock. There is no single point of failure: the ground monitoring station can be shut down at any time without affecting the swarm, and there is no need to install expensive positioning equipment on site before a flight. The possibility of manual intervention through remote controllers or ground stations is always maintained to ensure safety.


On-board computing power

Each drone is equipped with a four-core mini-computer with enough computing power to run even the most sophisticated path planning, image recognition or decision making algorithms, on-the-fly. Literally.


Ready for the stage

Mounting points for RGBW lights, fireworks, laser, mirrors, fog generators or other stage equipment are provided on every drone in the fleet. Impress your audience and make their jaws drop with a spectacular light show. Lights and fireworks can also be synchronized to other stage events using remote controllers or MIDI timecode.


Safety features

Safety is our priority. Our drones communicate with each other in the air to avoid collisions and to handle failsafe situations autonomously. Each drone is equipped with redundant flight instruments and is confined to a safety zone; leaving the safety zone will trigger an immediate return to home as well as low battery conditions, magnetic disturbances or loss of GPS signal. The swarm can also be controlled manually as a whole should it become necessary.