Multi-drone light shows

Drones create a new and innovative world. They are mobile, efficient, automated, spectacular and might even be frightening. Like all other man-made things, drones can also be used for good and bad. With our multi-drone aerial light shows we would like to raise awareness of the civil and artistic usage of drones, with the aim of bringing them closer to a wide audience.

We provide small or large drone fleets for grand outdoor shows. Effects on the drones can be synchronized to the stage show and extend the scenery to the sky, creating a unique and unforgettable experience. We can work with the following customizable features and modules:

  • Programmable drone motion customized for your needs
  • Programmable RGB lighting visible even from hundreds of meters away, with 50Hz refresh rate and ms timing accuracy.
  • Interactive drone swarm motion controlled by artists
  • Autonomous drone swarm motion, creating lively scenery
  • Interactive drone lighting controlled by artists or other show elements
  • Fireworks launched from drones
  • Long-exposure drone-painting with drone swarms
  • Custom stage effects for unique events

We are also very open to new, scientific, artistic, creative and crazy ideas. Let us help you visualize your dreams!

For more information about our multi-drone entertainment services, check out our portfolio page.

Intelligent aerial imaging

With flying robots you have the possibility to explore our world from a fundamentally new perspective. Multi-rotor machines are capable of vertical take-off and landing, hovering, flying at low altitude or close to objects, going through narrow spaces, navigate autonomously or follow a preprogrammed route. These features make them a perfect choice compared to fixed-wing aircrafts for many remote sensing applications.

We perform aerial mapping tasks with single or multiple drones, using cameras in the visible and near-infra spectrum. Besides the standard widespread drone-based services, like orthomosaic generation or 3D terrain reconstruction, we are also open to custom image post-processing, like object counting, clustering and statistical analysis of images.

We assist precision and organic agriculture with cm resolution RGB and NDVI imaging and professional consulting together with long-term external partners.

Our multi-drone setup also creates new possibilities for aerial measurements and footage, like synchronized measurements over a larger simultaneously covered area, autonomous target following with aerial footage from multiple directions, or long-term continuous measurements with self-exchanging drones.

Consulting, service

We collect our know-how about flying robots since 2009 through the software and hardware development and experimental testing of our drone fleet. Our consulting service is available for all drone-related questions, let it be basic flight knowledge, legal issues, payload or airframe prototyping.

With our widespread infrastructural background and technical knowledge we have the capability to repair, calibrate or even prototype drones and related hardware components.