The world's largest animation presented by intelligent drones

On August 20th, 2018 we stamped our name into Hungarian history with the world's largest 3D animation presented by 38 autonomous drones, as part of our National Day's emblematic firework show.

Hungarians have been celebrating the foundation of their state on August 20th for more than 1100 years. In the last decades, the highlight of the celebration has been a grand firework show in the heart of the capital, Budapest, over the river Danube. For the first time, this year the event was framed with live drone shows - one preceding and one following the great fireworks tightly, giving the whole night a true story with aerial images and full 3D animations related to our historical past.

Around half a million people watched our drones onsite, visualizing a giant Miraculous Deer walking nobly over the Danube, a 100 m high magnificient Hungarian Cross and the Holy Crown of our first king, rotating in peace through the city sky, in harmony with the music that filled the whole area around.

The Miraculous Deer animation was an exceptional performance by itself. It was designed by our collaborator, Ágnes Előd, a sculptor from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and Art Director of Open Dimensions Ltd. The fully three-dimensional animation was based on true motion patterns of deers, adapted to the motion constraints of drones. The animation could be seen from any direction, providing a unique experience for anyone watching it.

"As a sculptor I was totally amazed. During a standard exhibition only a few hundreds of people watch my sculptures who tell their opinion right away and then big silence is coming. Here hundreds of thousands of people could see the live animation, and the wow-effect was unmistakable. Those who knew what I was working on texted me right away, and I still get positive response for the giant aerial sculpture since then. Finally, I have to mention the long and friendly applause from all the audience along the riverbanks, which is a very rare feedback for a sculptor." - said Ágnes Előd after the show.

CollMot Entertainment collaborates with artists in a fluent and simple way. Artists can design their artwork in any of the popular animation softwares they are used to (3ds Max, Maya, Grasshopper, Blender etc.), which we import into our own framework with a single click, surrounding it with takeoff and landing procedures, safety measures and synchronization to music, lights and other stage effects. The final trajectories are directly uploaded to the drones, while we also allow interactions between them to avoid possible collisions and to handle emergency situations autonomously.

Drone shows provide unprecedented ways of expression for artists and CollMot Entertainment puts extra effort into supporting the highest level of art with its large and intelligent drone fleets.

We are very thankful to Hungarofest Ltd., the main organizer of the celebration, for providing us the opportunity to present our drone swarm art under these majestic settings.

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