About Us

Our company was founded by scientists working at the Robotics Laboratory of the Department of Biological Physics at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, as pioneers of autonomous drone swarm technology inspired by nature. As experts in collective robotics, we have developed a system in which our drones think interactively and fly autonomously, constantly communicating and cooperating with each other.

Our team has developed a number of world firsts for entertainment applications, from spectacular drone fireworks to drone light paintings and aerial laser projections. Our light shows are a worthy complement to traditional fireworks, but could soon even replace this centuries-old art form at events.

Not only do we represent a new entertainment genre in event management, which we know from experience has a high-interest technological background, but also a new communication channel that offers a unique opportunity for branding not only at events but also in advertising campaigns.

For outdoor flights, a fleet of 100 drones is available to project spectacular formations, images and personal messages into the sky at a huge scale.

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