The latest technology of drone swarms brought a new form of live entertainment to life in the form of drone light shows. This unprecedented way of communication and artistic expression leaves a memorable impression in audiences of all ages. Gigantic images and animations are visualized in the sky by dazzling light and pyro effects choreographed to music. Besides customizable artistic content, drone shows are also a wonderful opportunity for brand exposure.

Drone light shows

We provide small or large drone fleets for grand outdoor shows. The drones are equipped with programmable colored light sources powerful enough to be visible from hundreds of meters away. Light effects and motion of the drones can be synchronized to stage shows and extend the scenery to the sky, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

Options for drone motion:

  • Preprogrammed drone motion designed in animation software
  • Interactive drone swarm motion controlled by artists in real time
  • Autonomous drone swarm motion, creating natural looking, lively scenery

Options for drone lighting:

  • Programmable RGBW lighting with 50Hz refresh rate and ms timing accuracy
  • Interactive drone lighting controlled by artists or other show elements
  • Special light effects on drones (fireworks, laser, mirrors)

We are also open to new, scientific, artistic, creative and crazy ideas. Let us help you visualize your dreams!

Our unique and innovative drone light shows feature a selection of the following building blocks:

Drone formations

Drone displays are the perfect tool for tailored branding of grand outdoor events. Customized 2D or 3D images, logos, formations can be visualized by large fleets of drones as shiny colorful dots on the sky. These patterns usually span from fifty to several hundreds of meters and are perfectly visible from large distances around. Note that 2D formations have to be optimized for a specific viewing angle.

Animated sculptures

Artistic 3D animated drone sculptures capture life-like movements of figures, such as animals or people in realistic motion. These unique show elements are individually designed by our great artists and sculptors, who are able to grasp the essence and style of motion patterns with relatively few dots. Animated figures are typically smaller (50-100 m), they are essentially dynamic and fully three dimensional, so can be viewed from all angles perfectly.

Drone-launched fireworks

A unique add-on for our drone light shows is fireworks launched from a swarm of drones, which brings novelty to this ancient amusement and adds power to your event. With drone-based fireworks you can create accurately positioned static pyro events both in space and time, or dynamic shooting-star like effects with moving and rotating drones. A single drone can carry and trigger multiple pyro units independently, a swarm of drones with complex fireworks create a truly jaw-dropping effect never seen before.

Remember that safety is the first when using drones and fireworks together. Never try to put your own drone on fire unless you know very well what you are doing! Our custom pyro system is well tested and has already been used in real events.

Note that this kind of service may require special flight permissions in some countries.

Drone painting

An eye-catching possibility of drone-based art is drone painting. Utilizing the collective problem solving behaviour of our drone swarm we can paint 3D images on the sky in short time with dozens of colorful drones simultaenously. These spectacular light-paintings are made visible on long exposure photos or can be visualized in real-time to the audience on a projected screen.

Drone painting can provide a unique promotion for cities, new buildings, famous sites, or it can simply be used for pure art and fun.


Custom stage effects, new innovations

Our team is always seeking and is very open to custom multi-drone solutions. We build our HW and SW from scratch, we can integrate interesting new modules into our system easily. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have great ideas for which only an intelligent drone swarm is missing!

Fleet-level drone services for all needs

Entertainment is a good showcase of what intelligent drone-swarms can provide to the society. But we do more than that. We also provide multi-drone measurement services for wide variety of industries.

We perform aerial mapping tasks with single or multiple drones, using cameras in the visible and near-infra spectrum. Besides the standard widespread drone-based services, like orthomosaic generation or 3D terrain reconstruction, we are also open to custom image post-processing, like object counting, clustering and statistical analysis of images.

We assist precision and organic agriculture with cm resolution RGB and NDVI imaging and professional consulting together with long-term external partners.

Our multi-drone setup also creates new possibilities for aerial measurements and footage, like synchronized measurements over a larger area covered by many drones, autonomous target following with aerial footage from multiple directions, or long-term continuous measurements with self-exchanging drones.

We collect our know-how about flying robots since 2009 through the software and hardware development and experimental testing of our drone fleet. With our widespread infrastructural background and technical knowledge we have the capability to customize intelligent multi-drone solutions for your needs.

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