Industrial applications

Entertainment is a good showcase of what intelligent drone-swarms can provide to the society. But we do more than that. We also provide multi-drone measurement services for wide variety of industries.

We perform aerial mapping tasks with single or multiple drones, using cameras in the visible and near-infra spectrum. Besides the standard widespread drone-based services, like orthomosaic generation or 3D terrain reconstruction, we are also open to custom image post-processing, like object counting, clustering and statistical analysis of images.

We assist precision and organic agriculture with cm resolution RGB and NDVI imaging and professional consulting together with long-term external partners.

Our multi-drone setup also creates new possibilities for aerial measurements and footage, like synchronized measurements over a larger area covered by many drones, autonomous target following with aerial footage from multiple directions, or long-term continuous measurements with self-exchanging drones.

We collect our know-how about flying robots since 2009 through the software and hardware development and experimental testing of our drone fleet. With our widespread infrastructural background and technical knowledge we have the capability to customize intelligent multi-drone solutions for your needs.