Industrial drone swarm applications

CollMot has long-term knowledge and experience in the automation and product development of individual drones and drone swarms. We have been building our knowledge base about flying robot swarms since 2009 through the software and hardware development, experimental testing and diverse use of our autonomous drone fleet of more than 100 drones

Thanks to our extensive infrastructural background and technical knowledge, we tailor intelligent multi-drone solutions to your needs. We are open to large-scale cooperation in subcontractor, white label or joint venture HW+SW product development related to intelligent drones or drone swarms.

In-house software for drone swarms

After fifteen years of intensive software development, we use the following main software components for unique projects requiring a high level of drone intelligence and autonomy:

  • ArduPilot - low-level open-source autopilot, written in C++, forked and extended by CollMot

  • flockctrl - closed-source onboard high-level drone control framework, including versatile autonomous drone and drone swarm management, extendible with custom swarm missions, fleet level operations, written in C, all based on world-leading drone swarm research, all performed and developed by CollMot

  • SkyBrush Server - ultimate open-core ground control station backend for drone shows and drone swarm operations, written in Python, extendible with custom asynchronous mission and task management solutions, all developed by CollMot

  • Skybrush Live - ultimate open-source ground control station frontend, written in TypeScript, used by hundreds of drone show operators all around the world, user-friendly appearance, highly reconfigurable, flexible, versatile, extendible with custom mission-specific panels and widges, all developed by CollMot

  • FlockWave - open-source communication protocol covering all control and monitoring tasks required by general drone swarm operations, defined and developed by CollMot

Projects powered by flockctrl and Skybrush

We are partners in many public and private drone measurement and drone product development tasks. See the list below for some public examples: