We provide grand outdoor quadcopter shows

We are a provider of one of the newest entertainment services for grand outdoor events: impressive aerial light shows using numerous autonomous drones outfitted with colored lights, fireworks and customized extras.

With a long-standing scientific background and prototyping facilities, our experienced tech team is dedicated to bring art and technology together using creative imagination and the latest innovations.

Drone-launched fireworks

We support an ancient amusement with brand new possibilities by launching fireworks on drone swarms. A new era of programmable dynamic pyrotechnics is coming!

Multi-drone light shows

We supply pre-programmed or self-organized drone swarms for multi-drone light shows as well as more complex aerial imagery and measurement tasks or research projects.

Drone painting

Have you ever painted hundreds of meters of the sky? We help you create giant 3D images above you with self-organizing intelligent drone swarms.