We are CollMot Entertainment

We are a team of scientists, artists and business professionals who tamed the most complicated state-of-the-art technology of drone swarms to entertain hundreds of thousands of people at prestigious live events worldwide.

With a decade-long swarm robotics background and five years of safe drone show operations, our experienced team is dedicated to bring art and technology together using creative imagination and collective artificial intelligence.

Drone show building blocks

Drone formations

We deliver large-scale aerial light shows using numerous colorful drones in custom formations. Our drone displays are the perfect tool for tailored branding of grand outdoor events.

Animated sculptures

Artistic 3D animated drone sculptures capture life-like movements of figures, such as animals or people in realistic motion

Drone-launched fireworks

We support an ancient amusement with brand new possibilities by launching fireworks from drone swarms. A new era of programmable dynamic pyrotechnics is coming!

Light paintings

Have you ever painted hundreds of meters of the sky? We help you create giant 3D images above you with self-organizing intelligent drone swarms.

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  • Ground control enhanced by onboard swarm autonomy
  • Collective AI assures the highest level of safety and automation
  • Zero accidents in five years of live operation


  • Approved flights in China, Taiwan, Denmark, England, Hungary
  • High-profile clients including the British Royal Family
  • Leading swarm robotics research and publications behind the scenes


  • Visual and scriptable show design framework
  • Smooth collaboration with artists around the world
  • Unique services based on innovation and artistic thinking