Mimicking nature, our drones are flocking smoothly on the cover of Journal of the Royal Society Interface

CollMot Entertainment is proud to announce that Journal of The Royal Society Interface featured their experts’ research article on the cover of their June 2020 issue: Adaptive leadership overcomes persistence–responsivity trade-off in flocking.

The long-exposure photo depicts CollMot's drone swarm in true self-organization using adaptive leadership hierarchy amongst themselves. This is true swarming behavior — the drones are not following predefined routes. The flock avoids square-shaped virtual walls on the fly with very smooth trajectories and constant density thanks to a new principle of collective motion. Our solution relies on active communication or advanced cognition for the perception of "will" of other drones. The incorporation of "will"-based hierarchy into collective motion is a plausible hypothesis in higher order species in nature, while it is a realizable feature for artificial robots, as demonstrated by our swarm of drones.

One of the authors is co-founder of CollMot Entertainment, while the company itself provided the infrastructure and technology to make the autonomous flight of 52 drones in a virtual arena possible.

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