Show Master

CollMot Entertainment is an innovative entertainment show producer that uses high-tech drones to create memorable live experiences performed in outdoor venues. The company works with event organizers, show content producers and theme parks to introduce standardized show elements, as well as, create entirely unique productions targeting families of all ages. Founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2015, the company’s drone productions have fascinated audiences around the world, including at the FINA Aquatics World Championships (Budapest), the Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theatre, Sziget Festival (Budapest) and the H.C. Andersen Festivals (Denmark).

The company is now seeking a show master, based in Hungary, for executing shows at different venues around the world. After the successful completion of the company’s training program the candidate will be responsible for delivering the drone show for clients. The complex task includes: leading a small group of technicians, controlling a fleet of flying robots (drones), participating in fine-mechanics assembly and repair tasks, and representing CollMot in a professional manner towards customers. The ideal candidate is a mature, self-confident, but also thoughtful and responsible person who loves to travel, working with other people, and who enjoys entertainment shows, festivals and high-tech gadgets. The successful candidate can expect an irregular schedule, late night work, variable working environment and adventure that will be counter-balanced by an unusually fun and colorful job.

Detailed responsibilities

  • Organize and coordinate the work of the travelling team and take care of logistics related to on-the-ground implementation
  • Discuss show details with clients and the technicians from other departments on the spot
  • Consult with local authorities, and obtain and present all necessary permits and licenses
  • Inspect the venue, make sure all legal and safety requirements are fulfilled
  • Lead and participate in the assembly and setting up of the drone fleet and the auxiliary equipment
  • Make small adjustments to the show program on demand (familiarity with using CAD-like software and scripting programming languages is required)
  • Judge weather conditions for safe drone operation
  • Operate the remote controller and the ground station of the drone fleet
  • Check the inventory after a completed show and supervise the shipping of equipment back to its country of origin
  • Solve all sorts of difficulties on the spot, and present them well if remote help is needed from CollMot’s headquarters

Skills and experience

  • Solid communication skill (at least) in spoken English is essential
  • Ability to travel and work abroad on a regular basis is essential
  • Experience in traveling alone and dealing with difficulties in foreign countries
  • Confident, knowledgeable, calm personality
  • Technical education or background, experience in any means of mechanical or electric parts assembly
  • Basic understanding of computer programming and user experience
  • Good overall physical condition, ability to do light physical work for several hours
  • Good leadership qualities, ability to coordinate the work of a team of 1-4 persons, and also to manage and motivate a team
  • Excellent problem solving and quick decision making skills

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to!