Bringing art and technology together in unprecedented ways - this is the focus of the collaboration between Ágnes Előd (Open Dimension) and CollMot Robotics. Our joint projects provide brand new ways of artistic expression by exploiting the unique possibilities of intelligent drone swarms.

Dance Animation, 2017

This project is an exercise in style of a human dancer visualized with the dynamic 3D motion of 15 drones, creating a giant human skeleton dancing over the forest.

The dynamic sculpture with a total height of 55 meters was recognizable from kilometers away - turning fairy tales into reality for the local neighborhood.

  • Animation: Ágnes Előd
  • Camera: Dániel Körösényi


In this art project we took advantage of the capabilities of our multi-drone setup in a synchronized drone-painting task. 17 drones were drawing a three dimensional head onto the sky in about a minute.

While the instantaneous motion of drones seem random, a long exposure shot reveals the structure behind and create unprecedented grand light imagery.

  • Head size: 55x55x60 m
  • Animation: Ágnes Előd
  • Photos: István Labancz, Ádám Szabó, Zsolt Bézsenyi